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B4 Barbeque, Buffet, bar, Banquet -Our brands are built on key customer insights. The Indian dining experience where food is synonymous with entertainment. The culinary and experiential diversity of these B4 Barbeque, Buffet, bar, Banquet brands.

B4 Barbeque, Buffet, bar, Banquet brands, the experience differs. All the details are linked to the brand experience- the menu, ambience, team culture and even the marketing. We believe that focusing on enhancing our guest experience will help create brands that have the greatest impact on our customers.a chain of distinguished and independently owned true value Foodie’s delight, each with its own unique personality, artful furnishing and locations. B4 offersit’s all about fine dining in a swanky area, amidst great music, perfect ambience and of course, the finest cuisines assembled to tickle your taste buds. B4 (Barbeque, Buffet, bar, Banquet) offers some of the most tantalizingrecipes from India and across the globe.

OUR B4 Brand


B4 (Bar-Be-Que)is an endeavor to showcase local delicacies, including your favorites from around the world in a very innovative & contemporary fashion. B4 (Bar-Be-Que) aims to reinvent India’s dining prospect with a staggering array of unprecedented, flavor-packed, deliciously delightful recipes.


We believe in giving our customers not just the best food but also a world class dining experience. B4 (Buffet) offers a relaxing, warm and receptive atmosphere along with delicious food offered through our amazing buffet comprising of multi cuisine offerings that is perfect choice for every occasion.


This stylish lounge bar have an excellent ambience, wonderful music and this place is one of its kind to spend a good time with your friends and colleagues. Distill offers a wide range of spirits, wines & cocktails for the guests. It creates the perfect ambience to recharge after a hectic day.


B4 Banquet ---These one halls are marked by their sprawling size and capacity to accommodate 125 people. The sitting arrangement is highly pliable. According to the need of the event, the arrangement can either be in a U-style or in a proscenium theatre mode .Like the aforesaid conference hall these one halls are also furnished with avant-garde technological amenities like sensitive sound system laptop connectivity, projector with hanging screen along with pointer etc. These one halls can be utilized for multifarious purpose like group-meetings convocations, press-conference , business-assemblage , social occasions etc